Posted on: August 13, 2008

What do we have here? Delia is a tricky treat decked out in pumpkin queen colors, with orange tights underneath black spiderweb lace thigh highs with a crinoline petticoat on top! Delia's Site Give yourself a special Halloween treat this year by visiting Delia's personal website

Posted on: August 12, 2008

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Posted on: August 12, 2008

Those models are all so sexy! This dude was absorbed into a fashion show, indulging in his long-time dreams to become a superior looking model. Why not then? He got some clothing from his sister's wardrobe and put them all on. Wow! His new feminine look made him so horny he spoilt his makeup with a load of hot sperm.
Hot crossdresser gets his face quite wet

Posted on: August 09, 2008

A young man comes to a casting, and the assistance cameraman tells him he's the makeup artist. He helps the don jaun to get dressed. They proceed to a photo shoot during which the young don jaun strokes his rod while the assistant shoots.
Sexy young man becomes a glamorous female model

Posted on: August 08, 2008

Nazareno and Dauson were discussing a movie they both saw not long ago. They both fancied a girl who played the main part. So, Dauson asked Nazareno to play this girl for him. Nazareno agrees, putting on a girlie outfit and applying some makeup. Experimenting like this, they ended up fuckign each other!
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Posted on: August 05, 2008

Alone at home, the fuck freak was browsing through female lingerie shops. He placed some orders, and the stuff was delivered somewhat later. He can't wait to check it all out! He changes into all the garments slowly, then experimenting with makeup. Lovely! He likes his new feminine look and cums wildly.
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Posted on: August 05, 2008

Rustam fancied women so much once he wanted to understand how they feel wearing all this makeup. His makeup artist did an excellent job making Rustam's shiny eyes look even shinier. His skin became smoother and that new hairstyle was so hot. Rustam enjoyed his hidden femininity so much he could not but start jacking off his meaty jimmy.
beefcake tries some makeup for the first time

Posted on: August 04, 2008

Cross Dresser Fun Galleries First CD porn site ever! Fresh kinksters on cam often! Looks like the feminine fetishist inside you finally has a reason to scream with joy! Introducing CDFun, a ground-breaking and standard setting XXX site where kinky men get off on getting dolled up and treated like sexy women. Feminization, BDSM, nylon, group sex, hidden cams, it's all there and even more, all spiced up with the genuine crossdresser feel.
A sex game between two crossdressers

Posted on: August 01, 2008

The Mistress tries to think of another order for her slave. She wants to make a real bitch out of him, so she makes him get a load of female clothing and makeup. Then, she delivers a makeup lesson, insisting that the slave should do everything himself next time - or be lashed. Finally the slave looks like a street hooker, which makes the Mistress happy. Smacking the poor thing, she makes him put the lingerie and the clothes on. She also urges him to masturbate, cursing and humiliating him. The poor slave suffers through minutes of heavy jacking and finally cums like the dirty bitch he is.
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Posted on: July 30, 2008

Katie-Ann is one hot redhead crossdresser. You're not going to believe the size dick she has stuffed in her pantyhose! Katie models in front of a hotel room mirror wearing a pair of sky-high heels and rubbing her hard dick on her pantyhose. And to finish things off she splatters a big load of cum all over the countertop.

Posted on: July 28, 2008

There's nothing like a dame with a jimmy and the leg-loving man knows it. With stems like skyscrapers you've got a billion inches of steamy silky hosiery leading up to the biggest most-suckable clit you'll ever feast your eyes upon. Join this glamour queen on her very own personal website,, with weekly updates, round-the-clock spycams, her personal email address, and exclusive photos and downloadable videos.

Posted on: July 26, 2008

Josef is a kinky young man with plenty of money to burn. Seeking a new way of pleasing himself, he ordered a presentation from a cosmetics sales woman. She showcased her finest eye shadows applying them to Josef's face and pulled a sexy blonde wig over his head. He quickly paid her and told her to go away, not able to control his need any more.
Being a woman drives this x-dresser crazy

Posted on: July 26, 2008

Sometimes things you do define the way you feel. This young man was busy with some cooking, and he wanted to become a better housewife by disguising himself as a hot female. See him slowly change into feminine clothes in front of a mirror, putting on some nylon and applying makeup. In the end he creamed his own dish and ate it!
Pervy crossdresses eating his jizz

Posted on: July 23, 2008

A young man comes to a casting, and the assistance cameraman tells him he's the makeup artist. He helps the dude to get dressed. They proceed to a photo shoot during which the young dude strokes his rod while the assistant shoots.
Naughty x-dresser becomes a charming girl in pink

Posted on: July 21, 2008

Ray is at work now. He's a man in his free time, but here he's a M2F geisha. See him change into his lovely geisha clothes in the makeup room. Doesn't he look totally feminine? He loves his feminine self and jacks off after getting dolled up. Worldwide M2F Crossdresser Kinksters Shot On Cam! Solo, Reality And Hardcore XDR Content ? And More! Let this hot X-dresser get off for you
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Posted on: July 19, 2008

Pete is a handsome artistic young man with a special taste for the obscene. He especially enjoys getting made up before a show. Once he enjoyed the delicate touch of the brushes on his cheeks and chest so much he got a dire need to stroke his super hard jimmy. Looking his feminine best, he got rid of his makeup artist and pulled out his burning rod.
Handsome stud exspressing his feminine side

Posted on: July 16, 2008

What's hotter than a housewife in rubber gloves? A housewife in rubber gloves with a whale and thigh highs, lace panties & an apron ! Delia slips on snappy rubber gloves to do some housework but winds up doing HERSELF instead. You can see more of her leggy porn photos on her homemade website: DELIA'S AMATEUR WEBSITE Delia offers something most tranny porn sites fail to capture: that old-fashioned pinup-girl quality of charming, seductive sexiness that starts out with a tease and only ends up with explicit forms of gratification after her fans have been suitably tormented with a slow strip-tease to eventually reveal her startling and unbearably erotic paradox.

Posted on: July 15, 2008

A shower always brings out your wildest fantasies. This hot kinkster was enjoying himself under streams of hot water, jerking his stiffening rod slightly. Then he finds mother's makeup on the shelf. Perfect! He applies some to his face, fantasizing about being a female. He even tried to pleasure himself with a dildo, not taking the nylons off! Sure, he got off like crazy.
Hot stallion trying on his sister's lingerie

Posted on: July 12, 2008

Meet . . . DELIA! Do you like thigh highs, stockings and all kinds of hosiery? Yes? So does Delia she even made her own personal porn site to show just how much she enjoys dressing up in panties, nylons, and feminine lingerie. Just about every time Tucker dresses up to become Delia, s/he performs a webcam show for her members or her girlfriend shoots photos and sensual, seductive stroke-off videos to post for fans.

Posted on: July 12, 2008

Katie-Ann may be the cutest crossdresser I've ever seen, but it doesn't mean she's all innocent. Not only does she hide a big cock in her panties, she also makes a great slutty slave! She's so whale hungry she even sucks on her own strapon! This tgirl would make a great slut even without those 8 inch heels and thigh highs.

Posted on: July 09, 2008

Those models are all so sexy! This dude was absorbed into a fashion show, indulging in his long-time dreams to become a superior looking model. Why not then? He got some clothing from his sister's wardrobe and put them all on. Wow! His new feminine look made him so nasty he spoilt his makeup with a load of hot sperm.
Hot tranny gets his face quite wet

Posted on: July 05, 2008

Yet another fantasy of the perverted Mistress. She wants her slave to get pounded - either with a beefy whale, or with a strapon. She calls Mark, her crossdresser friend, to come over and screw the silly bitch. After some humiliation the slave is being double pounded, with his Mistress' strapon, and with Mark's own tool. Mark shoots his load, which makes the Mistress angry, so the pervy stud makes up his mind to leave, afraid of being frowned upon.
horny x-dresser in tights humiliated and nailed by cruel Mistress

Posted on: July 02, 2008

It was a lovely morning. Follow Dan as he wakes up, enjoys the warm bed for a while and then leaves it to take a shower. He's completely absorbed in his morning routines. He's a M2F hooker, and got a busy day ahead. Watch as he applies the makeup and clothes himself in female garments. The phone rings, and it means he has to leave for work. But before that, he needs some fun to start the day!
x-dressed call-boy ejoys jerking off

Posted on: June 28, 2008

Billy has always been fascinated with cosmetics and the way it makes women look their best. All the fantasies led to his buying an entire load of brushes, powders, lipsticks, makeup etc. Here he is, experimenting with his new look, dressed as a female, with a flawless face and a sexy-looking wig. Billy thought himself so hot he had to get off! Authentic Crossdressers Star In Premium CD Porn!
Kinky fuck freak dressed like a desperated housewife

Posted on: June 27, 2008

Now that Antoine is more experienced with makeup, he can work on a more refined look for his new self. Follow this XDR kinkster as he pays particular attention to his eyes and lips, making these look prominent and sexy. It's amazing how a sexy-looking male can turn into an even more sexy-looking luxurious lady in a matter of minutes! Antoine can't but help himself get off.
Playful Antoine puts on makeup and poses in sheer tights